LT Stitchie Live In London




Friday 12th October 2018 was a warm and dry autumn evening, in London, Peckham. Faith Chapel Church hosted Jamaica’s Dancehall Gospel Reggae Veteran Lt Stitchie.

The evening also featured Uk Gospel Reggae Artists Keziah Job and Donna Marie.

Keziah Job commenced the Gospel Reggae segment, with a journey through her EP produced by Hammond and Harmony Productions duo (Stuart Green and Keziah Job). Keziah layed the Gospel Reggae foundations, which included her 2018 new release “Nothing But Love”. The special featured song “He’s been good to me”, which was well received by the congregation. “Blessed Assurance” was Keziah’s finally, a well known hymn, and worked well on the reggae production. Look out for Keziah Job in future events and future up and coming projects!

After the interval up next came Uk Lovers Rock, and Gospel Reggae Artist Donna Marie. With tracks “Bless his holy name”, “Master Plan”,”The Lord is my Shepard”, and “Never gonna break my promise”. A reworked Johnny Osbourne reggae classic, Donna Marie graceful as ever in her delivery in song.

Then it was time for the Dynamic Lyrical Messenger Lt Stitchie showing no signs of jet lag, full of energy and vibrancy, blessed the congregation with his tongue twisting Dancehall style tracks from his albums.

The lyrics were easy to follow and a number of Stitchie foundation followers were visible in the crowd. There were cheers of approval when the lyrics hit a chord and resonated deep within.

“Man A Pastor” caused a stir as Lt Stitchie, took the time to break down in Acappella with lyrical mastery a young female inappropriate pursuit of the man himself.

“Man a Pastor and mi nar guh dweet! Fornication Stitchie nuh mix up inna” – Leaders take note! Although this track had trimmings of humour, this was a serious lyrical breakdown of reality by the veteran.

Lt Stitchie put his Pastor hat on during his set, and made an altar call to those who wanted to turn their lives around 180 degrees as Stitchie put it.

The Gospel Reggae Flag certainly flew high in London Peckham.

Appreciation to all the Gospel Artists for representing reggae style.

Praise and Worship were well represented and delivered by Roger Samuels, Les Edwards and Darren Evans-Henry, individually ministering in song.

It cannot go unsaid Faith Chapel Pentecostal Church, hosted a great night of song!


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