Who Listens To Gospel Reggae Anyway?

So you’re in a contemplative mood, deep thoughts, troubled/untroubled. And one decides I’ll put on some music and connect to God. Can you connect to God with a Gospel Reggae track? Is the Gospel Reggae creative disillusioned to think, christian lyrics on a reggae production can bring one into the presence of God ….yep we are going bass line deep here!

Well to the Gospel Reggae massive as you are aware, there are a few sceptics who are not convinced Gospel Reggae cuts it. God is not pleased, God is not a reggae head, its not a sustainable christian sub genre, and God is certainly not pleased with this offering of worship. So is Gospel Reggae unfortunately relegated to nothing more than marmite? (you either love it or hate it).

Well I beg to differ! Gospel Reggae may not appeal to all ears, however to those who with no apology who are foundation reggae supporters. Yes they often recall mummy and daddy, moving the coffee table to have a dance to Gregory Isaacs. Yes they may also remember themselves, with their significant other at the back of the dance, (enough said….) And they are now happily married to their significant other, and ministering to the masses- Praise God!!!

However with all that said, there is room to use Gospel Reggae as an evangelizing tool. To those who have not yet heard about the love of God, and the added bonus reggae music might be their thing. So if we can reach those beloved souls, we will and we can do so flying the Gospel Reggae Flag! Oh and just to add if you attend a Gospel Reggae concert, we do give the opportunity to come forward for prayer, and accept the Lord Jesus into your life publicly…

Riddim Up!


  1. Reggae Music has been exported worldwide over the years and the messages along with it has helped influenced peoples belief systems, fashion, politics and vocabulary. How much more so the message of the Gospel ?

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  2. Reggae Music crosses culture, class and ethnic divisions so its the perfect catalyst for the Gospel thats the Good News of Jesus Christ! H.M.S.S will never stop representing King Jesus through Sound System. Bless up V


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