The Gospel Reggae Sound

It is evident that the Gospel Reggae sound as changed over the years, and depending where one is located around the world, Gospel Reggae may have a unique geographical interpretation.

Although there remains many offerings available that have not changed, but have kept to yester year. The dynamic changes will be addressed in future RG360 publications.

Gospel Reggae as become bolder and confident unafraid of the reason of its existence – Reggae Music. However, Gospel Reggae is by no means lost in Reggae translation, rather it is the unfolding of a rich tapestry of creative expression through music, all to praise the name of Jesus.

Studio One

The last couple of years as seen an upsurge in studio one riddims incorporated into the genre. Studio one is a Production Label from Jamaica, the label unveiled various artists and had great success in works produced.
But why incorporate Studio One into Gospel Reggae? It is with no doubt birthed new creatives, and rekindled seasoned creatives, the challenge to tap into the classic vintage sound and to hear clearly words of hope, peace and joy, and the love of God shining through.

Aside from this, production camps are on the rise, expressing their creative vibes, subsequently Gospel Reggae is evolving, and transforming as inspiration is realised, and producers form partnerships and explore the sub genres hidden gems.

The future is bright for Gospel Reggae, paramount for its continual success and fruitfulness in lives around the world, will be the creatives commitment to seek, and maintain a personal relationship with the lord. And from that place of oneness freely give themselves to the creative process.

One comment

  1. ‘Seek and maintain’ a personal relationship with the Lord, that’s so true, Gospel Reggae , the ‘Good News ‘ Reggae.!


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