What Next After You’ve Said Chune

The following will contain the occasional terminology and phrases, frequently used when listening to urban music.

Chune = Tune/Song/track

Wheel up= Rewind

Jingle= Radio Advert

What a chune= Great track

How does one establish when it’s time to download and purchase a track one likes.?


There you are happily listening with your headphones, or you’ve bluetoothed to your speakers (sound proof show offs ) and there it is, a chune comes out of nowhere after the usual radio jingles.

It’s like the dawn of a new day, everything within you shouts ‘what a chune’. And before you know it, your fingers have done the talking. And you’ve frantically tapped for a wheel up. 😁

The Dj/Presenter kindly obliges and you’ve satisfied your inner jubilation. Then long after how many wheel ups….ONE HAS TO ASK…WHAT NEXT!…..

Do I wait until I hear the chune again on another show?….or should we take you back to the land far away when Limewire and Ares were the alternative to actually purchasing a track. (That was never RG360blogger 👀)

You’d find the track download it FREE! (what a travesty) , burn the tracks to a cd.. (Never!) Then you’d listen back in delight, however… there’s a tapping noise, (what’s that!!!) Yes this was part and parcel of Limewire and Ares. (Yep don’t lose your joy over it, both are now no longer accessible)

But that was then…And this is now!

There is hope! fellow connesuers of good Gospel Reggae. I beseech you! You must now go that step further, and download Amazon Music,Itunes, Google Play, and all the other hosts of music platforms and purchase the track, and why not buy the album!

More than likely a single track will cost less than a £1 or a $1. Then you’ll be listening at your leisure, and you have done your bit supporting the artist.

After all if you reside in the Uk, the royal family costs each tax payer an average 65 pence per year . So whats stopping you from buying a single track, which costs less than a beef patty. Yes!…’smile and nod’ no excuses.!

So with that! RG360 will assume you will have as much chunes as the Dj and Presenters. Or even possibly more!

Riddim Up!

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