2019 Reggae Gospel Release for Regina Wingate

Regina Wingate is officially back with her second track release within months, after her long-awaited return. The songstress welcomes in 2019 with her track entitled ‘You Deserve More’, on the 2008 Unseen Eyes Riddim. This is a previous production for Stereophonic Music Studio, Reggae artist LP Miller has also recorded a gospel song on the riddim.

Producer Ephraim “Fadah Bertie” Edwards, explains that Regina’s cover was an adaption from the original gospel track ‘More’ by Lawrence Flowers. Inspired Ephraim felt Regina would cover the song perfectly, having listened to the track for months, this was one of Ephraim’s favourite inspirational songs.

Regina had initial concerns whether the song structure would fit a reggae formation. However, these concerns were soon forgotten, as producer and artist worked in harmony to produce a well-received Reggae Gospel hit. Regina Wingate creatively owns the song from beginning to end, with her signature harmonies. The songstress delivers in the true spirit of the song, the results are a truly heartfelt cover.

‘You Deserve More’ was released February 1st 2019

New to Regina Wingate’s music? Then be sure to listen to ‘I Want To Be More, and ‘Take Me Back’ available on all major music platforms.



I Want to Be More https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078WG418Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_q6YBCbCJ1X3K1

Production Credits

Label: Stereophonic Music Studios

Riddim: Unseen Eyes Riddim (2008)

Riddim Creative: Donald “Danny Bassie” Dennis

Additional Guitar Riffs: One of Jamaica’s top guitarist “Gitsy”

Mixing: Ephraim “Fadah Bertie” Edwards

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