Johnmark Wiggan and Flavia Beswick release Gospel Reggae Hit | Something Good

Entitled “Something Good” this is the new reggae gospel hit from Johnmark Wiggan and Flavia Beswick.

This track is simply good music to the listening ear. This song offers an array of sunlight in whatever the circumstances or weather. With an excellent production to match a well-written song, this is yet another assurance that reggae music remains current and adaptable as ever, embracing young talented vocalists Johnmark Wiggan and Flavia Beswick. Which ultimately stems from a foundation of Jesus in the music.

We caught up with Johnmark to find out the inspiration for his new track.

RG360: How did your musical journey begin?

JM: When I realized that there were some natural giftings around music and how that simply impacted the people around me. Spiritual healing, comfort and clean entertainment that makes them happy. Most importantly I can educate in song what I can’t do by just speaking. The message is consistently the gospel; however, I have used hybrid elements of pop, rock and roll and dancehall so far.

RG360: What was the inspiration behind the lyrics “Something Good” and the collaboration with Flavia Beswick?

JM: ‘Something Good’ was given to me straight from heaven. The producer Glenroy James expressed that he wanted to work on a reggae track, reggae music means the world to me. I asked God for something good and that is exactly what I began to write. I began to express the evident struggles that we are faced with pain, anger, frustration, depression etc leading up to the hope as well as who the hope is within, and that is God. Flavia Beswick’s verse took on the role of clarification that the song was not just about feeling good with the music but understanding the person responsible for our healings and hopes through the music. Reflecting on certain disappointments, I realized that all those things were working together for my good. We wrote in the effort of compassing that idea around Christ.

RG360: The video for the track was shot at the Edna Manley College in Jamaica, were there any special connections associated with the choice?

JM: I am a student of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, presently studying music education. I wanted to actually showcase the different art forms there with people working and practising their craft while soaking in the gospel and enjoying to the genre of the soil, reggae music as well as subliminally upsetting the narrative of the space being multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and infiltrating it with the message and energy of Jesus.

‘Something Good’ was officially released on the 12th of February 2019.

Production Credits:

Written by: Johnmark Wiggan and Flavia Beswick

Location: Kingston, Jamaica (Edna Marley College)

Produced by: Glenroy James

Drums by: Mahil Benjamin

Guitars by: Enrique Guitarz

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at: Cadence FireWarrior Studios (Antigua)

Filmed & Edited by: Watkins Multimedia

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