Artist Review | Top Of The Mountain by JayJayborn2sing

JayJayborn2sing – Top of the mountain

This Stingray Records production entitled “Top of the mountain” by JayJayborn2song needs no explanation, upon listening to the lyrics and delivery you’ll find the song speaks for itself. With that said we caught up with JayJayborn2sing, finding out about the man behind the song, and the inspiration behind the lyrics. Get yourself something chilled or warm to drink it’s going to be an inspirational read!

RG360: Greetings JayJay! thank you for your time and agreeing to take part in an interview with Reggae Gospel 360. How did you decide on your artist name JayJayborn2sing?

JJ: In 2008 I was known as JAYJAY when I started my musical journey, but as I travelled around performing I was introduced on stage as the man that’s born2sing sing and so it stuck.

RG360: When and how did your journey into music begin?

JJ: My journey started in 2008 when I wrote a song called “Praying Time” which was about our youths killing each other and it being time for us to pray.

RG360: What does the songwriting process look like for you?

JJ: Songwriting for me is a beautiful experience as it comes from a real place i.e.: my life experiences or someone else’s or even everyday subject matters.

RG360: “Top of the mountain” is your new exclusive release which requires no introduction. How had this track come about? And what was the inspiration behind the song?

JJ: “Top of the mountain” Was written from a real place of heartbreak disappointment and pain, I was face down on the floor when I heard the lyrics fall down on me – I literally was bawling my eyes out when I wrote this song, this one is dear to my heart!

RG360: This is not the first successful gospel track you’ve written and voiced “Counting all my blessings” is also another song which speaks for itself. What was the inspiration behind this track?

JJ: “Counting all my blessings” was written whilst sitting in the bath at a time where I had lost all feeling from the waist down due to a relapse of MS multiple sclerosis, I was not focused on my circumstances but sat counting all my blessings!

JayJayborn2sing – Counting my blessings

RG360: You have a varied portfolio of songs, touching on a variety of genres including reggae, do you have a personal preference?

JJ: I don’t have a preference as such, I just go with the flow of life and times.

RG360: Your gospel songs seem to touch many hearts on and off the airwaves, where do you stand in terms of your faith, and how do you see your faith and music impacting others.?

JJ: I stand firm in my faith though sometimes it is hard in the Christian walk, I always remind myself that it’s a daily walk with Jesus through the good and the bad times. As for my music having an impact on people’s lives, it’s very humbling and rewarding as I speak truth and realness in the hope that it is received with the power of God.

RG360: For those starting off in the music industry, do you have any useful songwriting tips?

JJ: Yes, first thing I would say is music isn’t something you should force! If you’re writing a song and it’s a forced issue then maybe you should stop and ask yourself if it’s the right song? Or if you should be writing to that particular track, I truly believe if it’s meant to be then it should flow naturally! 

Secondly always write from a real place, an honest place because what you lay down on track cannot be taken back!

RG360: Do you have any plans for a gospel EP/album in the future?

JJ: I have just completed my 6 track EP with Stingray Records entitled “Top of the mountain” due to be released August 2019 With the view of completing the Album early 2020.

RG360: How can your supporters keep in touch with you and purchase your music?  

JJ: Supporters can follow me on:-

Facebook jayjayborn2sing 

Instagram jayjayborn2sing1

Twitter Jayjayborn2sing

Top of the mountain was released on the 19th April 2019

One comment

  1. Respect boovle Jay you were born to sing you’re a good youth and nd I haven’t forgotten the laughter stay blessed mi fren progress we seh


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