Interview with Kingsley Wray

Kingsley Wray – Dry Bones

RG360:- Greetings Kingsley Wray thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by “Reggae Gospel 360”, for those new to your ministry please introduce yourself.

KW:-My name is Kingsley Wray, I was born in the Parish of Saint Ann Jamaica, in a little district called Aboukir and then moved to Runaway Bay with my family. I now reside in London with my wife, son and daughter.

RG360:- When and how did your musical journey begin? 

KW:-My musical Journey began at school, I can recall a classmate and I singing in reception class (Basic School we would call it back home) it was a little song we made up. I was a member of my church choir singing tenor. Every Friday night for a few years, I use to visit the “Cool One Sound System” in Runaway Bay where I was given the opportunity to sing, I was in my mid-teens then.

RG360:-How did you decide on Reggae Music being the genre you’d choose to channel gospel message?

KW:-Reggae was the genre I grew up listening to 90% of the time, so it became the music I found most appealing and expressive. I was the lead vocalist for at least four reggae bands performing in some of the most prestigious hotels on the north coast of Jamaica.

RG360:-How many albums have you released and what was the inspiration behind them?

KW:-I’ve recorded seven albums and many singles but only three albums have been released so far. God is always the inspiration for my songs.  His word, his promises, his faithfulness, his protection and love creates the firm foundation for my writing.

RG360:-Tell us about the production team behind the albums?

KW:-Over the years I’ve worked with many different producers, “The Chemistry” album was produced by three of us, Lewis M (Room In The Sky ) Paul Hussey “Jambila Music” and myself “KA1- Production”.

 The Album “Send Down The Rain” was produced by Lewis M, Calvin Smith produced “Master And Friend”. Lewis, Paul and Calvin have worked with many of the big names, associated with reggae music in the UK and Jamaica.

Kingsley Wray – Walk By Faith

RG360:- What message are you hoping to send out to the world through your music?

KW:-The message I am sending to the world is the message of hope, love and everlasting life, which can be achieved through the acceptance of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Holy and Righteous Son of the Most High God, if we believe and have faith we will be victorious.

RG360:- What does the creative process look like for you? 

KW:-My creative process varies, a dream can trigger a song, or a speech, a scripture,a verse, a beat, a chord, and when it does, I try to get a melody going. Then come the lyrics, which I sometimes rewrite until I’m happy with the outcome. Writing the lyrics first also works at times, but the best songs come, when there’s that divine intervention. And it’s completed in less than ten minutes that’s an awesome feeling.

RG360:- What advice would you give to up and coming Gospel Artists.?

KW:-As an upcoming gospel artiste, first study your craft practice constantly and be yourself, as we are all unique. Don’t be another Mr or Miss the world will appreciate you for who you are. Read the scriptures every day, and pray for guidance and favour. Do it for the glory of your Heavenly Father and you will be blessed.

RG360:-How can your supporters keep up to date with your music? 

You can keep up to date with me on my Facebook page

My YouTube channel of the same name.

My music is available on:-

ITunes, Spotify and other platforms.

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