Interview with Stevie Face | New single release after 5 year break entitled | My Prayer

Stevie Face – My Prayer

Greetings Stevie, thank you for joining us, this is Reggae Gospel 360, thank-you for your time in taking part in this interview. First of all congratulations, blessings, and Gods favour with the new single and video. It’s a blessing to see you back on the circuit, you have been missed!!!.

SF:- (laughs) The pleasure is all mines.

RG360:- Where have you been!!?

SF:- I took time out of the business for my family, and also to do other investments. Creating employment for people in the community, where I’m from in Jamaica. That was my focus, now that I have completed that mission, not the family side, but the investment side in creating employment. I am currently employing over 50-60 people in Jamaica. I think mission accomplished there, so now I am back in the music because this is my calling. This is what I was born to do I am where I belong.

Photography Credit: St Thomas Events

RG360:- How long has it been since you’ve been away.?

SF:- It’s almost 5 years I took out of the business.

RG360:- It feels like more!

SF:- No just 5 years.

RG360:- So you have two albums, ‘Tell It Like It Is’ released in 2009, and ‘My Time’ released in 2014. I must tell you again it is a blessing to have you back.!

SF:- I have been getting that quite a lot, I am grateful and humbled, by the love and appreciation.

RG360:- How did you begin your musical journey?

SF:- My family is a musical family, my family is a spiritual Christian family, I grew up in the Seven Day Adventist Church, in Yallahs St Thomas. Until I moved to Albion where I moved to the Albion Church, so primarily my entire life has been in the church in the early years. So it has been instrumental in making me, who I am today. I am always in tune with my spiritual side.

RG360:- Yes that’s one of the questions I was going to ask you Stevie, are you a Christian?

SF:- I put it this way I am a spiritual person, I do music for everyone, I’m from a spiritual background a Christian background. But for me now I try to embrace all beliefs as it relates to life itself. I’m not one who will classify myself as being a Christian, as long as it is spiritual in a positive way, I embrace it.

RG360:- How did you decide on the artist name “Stevie Face”?

SF:- That was given to me by Veteran singer ‘Tinger Stewart’, my pet name is Stevie. When I just started in the business, my name was Stevie. At the time “Baby Face” was dominating the world, and I am always singing ‘Baby Face’ songs. Then “Tinger Stewart” called me and said your stage name is “Stevie Face”, not just Stevie, I was about 19 years of age, and it has been that way ever since.

RG360:- The title of your new track is called “My Prayer”, how did you decide on that title?

SF:- It is my prayer indeed, it is my prayer for the world, for Jamaica, we are having challenging times as it relates to violence. So it is “My Prayer” for everyone, for the oppressed and downhearted, it is a prayer from my heart. I woke up one morning, with tears in my eyes and singing this song, it brought me to tears. It’s not a song that I can tell you that I wrote, I have done nothing, all I can say is I went to the studio and sang the song, it was written for me. I just waited and delivered it.

Photography Credit: St Thomas Events

RG360:- As you know we are a Gospel Reggae platform, and when we heard the song, as “Reggae Gospel 360”, it was a song that was touching for us, so we wanted to get in touch with you. And hear more about the song, it is a blessing to us, and will be a blessing to many so congratulations once again.

SF:- Thanks a lot, I appreciate the fact that everyone is embracing the song. And embracing the message, I always say to people, accept the message don’t pay attention to the messenger. The messenger is not that important, accept the message. Because a little child can come to you with the message, that the almighty gave him to give to you, but you might be there cursing the messenger, saying that he’s still a young child, what is he saying? But the almighty will use anyone to send that message, so it is up to you to embrace it. I am thankful that the message is accepted across the board.

RG360:- In regards to the riddim, tell us about the riddim, and for those who are reggae connoisseurs.

SF:- Yes this was done by the “Heptones” “Sea Of Love”. “Beres Hammond” did a cut on it, and I am now on it with “My Prayer”.

RG360:- Incidentally Stevie I want to let you know, there is an artist in the UK, he is a Gospel Reggae Artist, and he also has a cut on it. Called “I Can”, he is known by the name “Elder Henry”. It’s a very good cut, please check it out.

SF:- I will, I will.

RG360:- At this point in the interview we are awaiting the official video, to be released. When is the video due out?

SF:- It’s going to be out the same day as the song, on the 5th of July 2019. I must tell you that the pre-order of the song is doing very well. I am thankful and I am grateful, for the support and the love I have received.

RG360:- The promo video has some great views, where was the video shoot?

SF:- The video was all done in my parish in St Thomas in Jamaica, in my community where I am from. We did everything between Albion and Grants Pen in St Thomas, which is about three miles apart, I am from Albion and I went down to the coastline.

RG360:- Jamaica tourism board, should see a lot more tourists, coming to Jamaica, based on that video. (laughs)…Those views look amazing Stevie.

SF:- (laughs) Thanks a lot.

RG360:- What’s the plan for the future musically?

SF:- Well I’m working on an album as we speak, I’ve just completed a second single from the album. It’s entitled ” I Feel Blessed” I know you’re going to love that one again. I think it’s more powerful than “My Prayer”

RG360:- Wow exciting!

SF:- But we will leave the public to determine that, I am so humbled and blessed, that the almighty is working. He is really speaking to me, and I am listening. I am just doing what I am here to do.

RG360:- Tell us about the production studio that you use.

SF:- Well its a good friend of mine he has a lot of hit Reggae Songs, he’s a very good producer and we are doing authentic Reggae Music. I am really happy and comfortable, where I am working right now. So just expect great things, we are trying to bring back a certain level of spirituality back into the music. I am playing my part, and every support that I get, I am grateful. Because it’s not when you’re trying to do the right thing, that its the easiest thing to do. But I believe that I have a responsibility, and I am doing what I was put on earth to do. You have to find out your purpose, and what you are here for and make sure that you execute.

RG360:- In terms of the creative process, what does that look like for you.?

SF:- I wait primarily on inspiration, you have a lot of people who approach things differently. I wait for inspiration and I take it from there. Inspiration comes from a lot of things, sometimes the simplest things you can get inspiration. Especially children, I love kids and I love being around them. I tend to love children because they are pure, they are not tainted or contaminated by what is happening around them. I also tend to be inspired by the bird’s, nature itself is an inspiration to me. And I try to stay with nature as much as possible. I appreciate life, I love people that’s where the inspiration comes from. And if I can empower you through my music, uplift you, give you hope through my music, I am doing the right thing it is comforting to me. The music is not about money for me, I am not driven by financial gains, I am driven by how it impacts peoples lives. I am driven by how can I help you? How can I empower you, as my brother as my sister, as my friend. The greatest feeling, satisfaction I get, is when someone will call me, or inbox me and say listen, your song as brought me through this, it’s your song I play every morning to start my day. I can’t personally help everyone in the world, but if I can send a message, and you can find peace and comfort in it, I am extremely happy.

RG360:- What advice would you give new talent coming through, especially in the genre you are in. What advice would you give to them.?

SF:- To thy self be true, and always stay positive, and call on the almighty for direction and guidance. You can’t make it on your own, no man is an island. You need direction, you need guidance I always ask the almighty, for spiritual intervention. Father, you take charge, you guide, let me follow. I always advise people, to listen don’t be led, unless it’s the almighty leading you, don’t be led by any forces on earth, you just call on the almighty, let him be your pilot.

RG360:- Do you have any plans to travel music-wise?

SF:- Right now I am getting calls but I am not interested at the moment, I am primarily interested in finishing the project that I’ve started. I can tell you that a lot of people have said my career is over. Because I’ve let it go for so long, but let me tell you. “Who God bless no man curse”. So when I open my mouth, I say “King! speak through me”, and the people will hear. So I have no doubt, when I open my mouth the right things will come out. And my grandmother who grow me, always said to me “Steve, always remember this”, ‘Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer’. I had to say that every morning before I leave out to go to school. That has been my mediation every day of my life. So I am very careful of the words that I say, in the beginning was the word, words are very powerful. You will never hear me singing anything negative, or saying anything to hurt or mislead. I’m not interested in that, each to his own, I do what I believe is right, and I ask the most high to lead me always.

RG360:- You will be a blessing to many Stevie, from our side “Reggae Gospel 360”. We want to say the Lord bless you and may his face shine on you. Anything else you would like to say to your supporters far and wide.?

SF:- I just want to say much love and I’ll continue to do good music. As long as I’m around I’ll keep it positive and clean, thanks for the love. Sometimes people might say well he’s not a Christian, we don’t want to hear from him. I just want to say, I appreciate you, I love you, my people. Let’s just keep doing the right thing, to thyself be true.

RG360:- You are made in Gods image, God is with you and shining through you.

SF:- I believe, I believe…

RG360:- Stevie, we want to say thank you for taking the time out from lovely sunny Jamaica to speak to us.

SF:- Thank you for having me.

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