Interview with Minister Taf

RG360: Greetings thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by “Reggae Gospel 360”, for those new to your ministry please introduce yourself.

MT: My name is Minister Taf, a Jamaican born UK Gospel reggae artiste who takes passion in what I do for the Kingdom of God. I am also a jovial person, because mi love jokes (laughs).

Photography Credits: A.W Photography

RG360: When and how did your musical journey begin?

MT: I’ve always loved music but I had never envisioned myself involved in it, due to wanting to become a professional footballer. However, this journey began in October 2012 during a choir rehearsal with a youth choir (S4C Fusion), when I heard God speak to me deep inside that I am to be doing music. I ran to the Sunday school, grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and wrote a song titled “Make A Change.” It’s crazy, because due to the love I have for hip hop, I started out rapping before God flipped the script and had me diverse to reggae. God’s got a sense of humour (laughs), #BIGUPGOD.

RG360: Tell us about your slogan and clothing line #BIGUPGOD what’s the story behind it?

Photography Credits: Susman Captures

MT: Well, growing up in Jamaica I saw my parents struggle a lot. There were times when I would go to my bed without food, the roof would leak when it rained, and at one point I only had one pair of shoes, trousers and t-shirt to wear when going out.

I was someone who was also addicted to pornography and lying, but God delivered me from all of that. So whenever I look over my shoulder and see where God has taken me from to where I am now, how can I not #BIGUPGOD. Hence the reason for the name, it is to praise God for what He has done and is still doing.

RG360: Has a teenager living in Jamaica did you have any burning aspirations?

MT: Oh yes, like I said before with me wanting to become a professional footballer, that was definitely my aspiration because I was so good at it that even in high school, I was selected to go on trials to represent my country of birth (Jamaica) at the U17 level, and that was the first time I met Hector Wright in person who was a very good midfielder for Jamaica, but the trial never took place.

RG360: How long have you been a Christian, and what was the turning point that was the result of you deciding to give your life to God.?

MT: Wow, I’ve been a Christian for over 9yrs now. Well, the turning point was me going to church on Sundays and seeing what God was doing in other people’s lives and I wanted that due to the fact that there was a void in my life. I would argue with my wife a lot, go out with friends to parties, and I realized that I didn’t want that life anymore and needed a change, so I made the decision to give Christ a chance in my life, and I never looked back since.

RG360: Tell us about your debut album ”Life” what was the inspiration behind the album.?

Album cover designed by DaddioGFX

MT: The inspiration behind the album “LIFE” is based on what’s going on in society and in the world today as well as things that I’ve been through in life. You see a lot of killing especially amongst the youths, people are giving up on their dreams because a father or mother might not be in the picture or they encounter certain circumstances in life. You have seen where people are hating on others, even in the church, and by seeing that, the album addresses such things as well. The album overall is created to uplift and encourage others while tackling some to change their ways.

The album features the likes of Becca Folkes, Tanesha (wife), Fiona Yorke, Andrew Bello and Emmanuel Smith. The album also features different producers.

RG360: You’ve featured a number of artists on the album, how did you decide on the artist choices?

MT: Honestly, I’m a man of prayer and as the bible says in all our ways acknowledge God, so the artiste choices was simply through prayer and it worked out beautifully.

RG360: Your wife Tanesha also features on the album, tell us about the song?

MT: Yeah, “One Day” was written to encourage others that no matter the circumstances one may find themselves in, as long as God is on your side, one day things will get better. I am a living testimony!

RG360: To date what has been the most memorable experience in your music ministry?

MT: Awww man (smiles), there’s too many, but one is performing at Carnival and seeing people enjoying my music, but in my heart I know seeds are being sowed.

RG360: What are your goals and aspirations for 2020 and beyond?

MT: My goals remain the same, in my desire to save souls for the kingdom, and making a difference in the lives of others with the gift that God has given me, and travelling the world doing so as well. People can also expect new music very soon, I have been busy writing (winks).

RG360: What does the creative writing process look like for you?

MT: For me, all it takes is hearing a dope instrumental, and once I love it, then I just pray and that’s it, let the writing begin. I thank God because honestly, I have never experience a writers block.

RG360: What advice would you give to up and coming Gospel Artists.?

MT: Be patient, trust God’s timing, master your craft, never compare yourself with others, and be who God called you to be (BE YOU).

RG360: How can your supporters keep up to date with your music?

MT: Supporters can do so by following me on my social media platforms. Instagram (@ministertaf), twitter (@Minister_Taf) and Facebook (MinisterTaf). Oh, subscribe to my YouTube channel (MinisterTaf) for future videos.

RG360: And just for fun Ackee and Saltfish or Cornbeef and Rice.?

MT: Tough one to be honest because I love both, but I’m going to lean towards the Ackee and Saltfish, give me that with some good cornmeal dumplings and ground provisions (laughs).

RG360: Once again thank you, Minister Taf, for agreeing to take the time out, for an interview with us. Praying God’s blessings and favor on your musical journey.   

Minister Taf’s Press Kit

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