The Gospel Reggae Event Of The Year 2020| Event Review


On Saturday 15th February the Arc Church Forest Gate, hosted TTM Collective Orchestra, this was the official double album launch, for the Inspirational Love Songs album entitled ”Masterpiece”. 

For founder and visionary Gary “Revelation” Dixon, this was a momentous occasion, the dream finally realised and unfolding. 

Gary “Revelation” Dixon
Courtney Anglin Photography

The hosts for the evening were Premier Gospel’s presenter and forthcoming comedian Theo Manderson, alongside Lady TLC, founder of TLC Global media. 

Premier Gospel Presenter Theo Manderson
Courtney Anglin Photography
TLC Global Media founder Lady TLC
Courtney Anglin Photography

Supporting act Storm Dennis, headlined the UK weather forecast for the evening, with minor travel disruptions. The official guest artist and first up on stage Bex Grant, sang original lyrics on classic Marley productions. Bex had the audience upstanding, and ready to go on her set.

Bex Grant
Courtney Anglin Photography


Performances from Maryla Abraham, Toyin Adekale and Natalie Phillips, created an atmosphere of worship, with popular worship songs taken from the “Masterpiece” album. 

Top: Maryla Abraham Left: Toyin Adekale Right: Natalie Phillips
Courtney Anglin Photography

During Toyin Adekale’s set, percussionist and founder Gary “Revelation” Dixon, joined Toyin on stage, with a few moves and grooves. 

Gary Revelation Dixon and Toyin Adekale
Courtney Anglin Photography

A duet from Kevin German and Sandii McCalla singing, “The Closer I Get To You”, brought back memories of last years EP launch, along with their individual performances on the night.

Sandii McCalla and Kevin Germain
Courtney Anglin Photography

Dave Copeland sang You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration, featuring Lurine Cato, and at first it seemed Dave Copeland was singing solo. The audience were kept guessing, and eventually Lurine made her appearance, with breath taking vocals, Lurine complemented Dave Copeland’s trusted baritone.

Lurine Cato and Dave Copeland
Courtney Anglin Photography

Also gracing the stage adorned with beautifully handmade gowns, and a medley of songs, entered Talitha Voices Choir UK, founded by TTMC artist Toyin Adekale.

Talitha Voices Choir UK
Courtney Anglin Photography

Other artiste performances were from Camara Fearon with “Free” and “My Cherie Amour”, and Sandii McCalla with “Just The Way You Are”. 

Camara Fearon
Courtney Anglin Photography
Sandii McCalla
Courtney Anglin Photography

TTMC’s Co-Producer Stuart Green performed a keyboard solo entitled “Winter Sonata”, with such a heavy completion schedule for this project, Stuart would be forgiven for lacking energy and under performing. However Stuart, was noticeably enjoying the showcase, providing the all important organ shuffle, and skillfully performing his keyboard solo piece.

TTMC Co-Producer Stuart Green
Corrodus Photography

It was also a night of kingdom connecting with international trombonist Henry Matic, popularly known as Henry “Matic Horns” Buttons, his horns section is heard on many roots and dub works. 

Henry “Matic Horns” Buttons
Courtney Anglin Photography

The final song of the evening saw the artists unite for the finally “Heal The Land”, a night truly showcasing the bright future ahead for Gospel Reggae music.

TTM Collective Artists
Courtney Anglin Photography

Impressively directing from an enclosed drum cage, Music Director and Drummer Chris Thompson, anchored the TTMC Orchestra delivering a well rehearsed production.

Top Left To Right: Ivan Christie, Lemuel Prime, Dave Brooks, Ray Carless,
Middle: Chris Thompson Credits:
Bottom Left To Right: Paul Clark, Henry (Matic Horns) Buttons, Stuart Green, Kevin Robinson
Courtney Anglin Photography

If you’ve never witnessed a Reggae orchestra then this was a night to remember, Georgia Russell (Violist), Zoe Hodi (Violinist), and Charlie Walker (Cello), completed the Orchestra arrangement. Mahaliah Edwards (Violinist), the only absent member of the quartet due to ill health. Nevertheless the remaining trio, handled the gospel reggae event as professional instrumentalists.

Left To Right: Zoe Hodi (Violinist), Charlie Walker (Cello) and Georgia Russell (Violist)
Courtney Anglin Photography

Fellow artist Camara Fearon, christened backing vocalists Sandii McCalla, Donna Moore and Michelle Connor “The Enhancers”. The ladies worked harmoniously together, and were visibly genuine in applauds for each artists. 

Left To Right: Donna Moore, Michelle Connor and Sandii McCalla
Courtney Anglin Photography

Industry support on the night were from UGN Radio, Reggae Fraternity UK (RFUK), DJ Sweepie (Gospel Vibes Live) , DJ Micheal Miller (Shekinah Sound System) and TTMC social media manager and writer Coral Conscious Lee.

Capturing lasting memories were Visions TV Online, Corrodus Photography, Courtney Anglin Photography, and Rock & Stone 4Tography.

The Arc Church, Forest Gate had the pleasure of hosting the Gospel Reggae event of the year, and what a privilege!

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