Minister Taf releases debut book entitled | Encouragement

Minister Taf a multi-award-winning Gospel Reggae Artiste is known for his music, energetic performances, and catchy hooks. But this time he surprised many with his debut book titled “ENCOURAGEMENT.”

He states that the book came about after having his devotion one morning, and God spoke to him to write it as well as giving him the title. He then went to his wife who was seasoning chicken for their Sunday dinner and told her about it, and her response was “you gotta do what you gotta do.”

The book is filled with scriptures, encouraging words and real-life experiences to help individuals who might be facing challenging times right now and even times to come. It was written to Encourage, Uplift, and Give Hope.

Minister Taf’s wife is also a contributor to the contents of the book.

”ENCOURAGEMENT” is available via Amazon in paperback and kindle version.

One comment

  1. Hi Ven. I have read the MT interview and also the blog from the event in Feb. I think I missed a really good night.

    I definately want to be kept upto date, so will check the box.

    And, just found out I have a wordpress myself.. lol. Gosh.. I forgot. I will change the name and maybe use this for my Daily Devotion words.


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