Bradda Biggs Releases A Video Tribute | Proud To Be Jamaican

Officially released on the 22nd June 20 Alando Williams aka Bradda Biggs, pays tribute to his land of birth, with the video release of ’Proud To Be Jamaican’, a ’Justin Colen Production’. The lyrics sit nicely on the King Jammys riddim. A well known Jamaican Dub Mixer and Record Producer.

Bradda Biggs self-penned song is a timely one, has Jamaica showcase their annual Jamaica Festival Song Competition. The festival is the longest-running song contest, on the island, since the competition began in 1966.

It’s an admirable gesture from the Jamaican Gospel Reggae artist, although relocating to the US. The move for better opportunities, has not resulted in Bradda Biggs forgetting his native country. How many can say the same?

Bradda Biggs says..

This song highlights the beauty and uniqueness of my born land, the beautiful Jamaica in the West Indies. Meanwhile encouraging Jamaicans, from near and far to be proud of their culture. Jamaica is a blessed land, and I am proud of my island.

Here are few saying we live by:

”Out Of Many We Are One”

”Wi Likkle But Wi Talawah”

”The Land Of Wood And Water”

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