Lurine Cato & David Copeland Achieve No 1 On US Reggae Chart

Home video by Gary ”Revelation” Dixon

This was the moment on Friday 17th July, Gary “Revelation” Dixon, captures in real-time, South Florida station “RockDaBox”, announcing TTM’s No 1 position.

You’re My Latest, Greatest Inspiration”, covered by Multi-Award winning Lurine Cato and the remarkable David Copeland. Taken from the Inspirational Love Songs ”Masterpiece” double album, released February 20.

As the UK government gently eases lockdown measures, and the world seeks to overcome a Pandemic. The UK Gospel duo leapfrogged the silky vocals of Reggae’s Mikey Spice, to gain first place in the US Reggae Chart. With the likes of “Etana” and “Skip Marley”, also charted, this was a fantastic achievement, and a privileged space to be in, the people’s voice had spoken.

What does TTM Collective stand for?

The Temples Musicians Collective Orchestra.

How was TTMCO formed

The vision originally came to Gary “Revelation” Dixon, as he prepared to put together a secular band. The project did not go ahead, however, in the process, Gary was able to form connections with various top musicians.

Stirring Up The Gift

During a church service, as Gary read the announcements, the visionary, describes the experience as the spirit of the Lord, upon him, and he began singing ”Falling In Love With Jesus”. The message was then clear to Gary, to return to the studio, and begin using his talents. That was the beginning of the EP Project, back in 2013-14, with co-producer Stuart Green (3 Chronicles Studio) The movement began, using popular songs, with a gospel message.

The Mission

Gary’s intention is to reach the masses, outside of the church walls.

The project has charted in many non-christian charts, and on various secular radio stations, including BBC Radio two years ago.

The mission is to reach out to the wider community. Using the very best vocalists, worship leaders and musicians, to deliver the message.


TTM collective have held the stage at the Indigo 02 Greenwich, The Academy Islington. 93 Feet East Brick Lane, and their first showcase in Camden Town, at the ”Proud Camden”.

Purchase You’re My Lastest, My Greatest Inspiration”

Connect with Gary and TTM Collective’s musical journey

If you’d like to keep TTM Collective in the charts. Request David and Lurine, by signing in the blue guest box via

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