Valued by Sean Sobers

Guyanese gospel artist Sean Sobers, releases his official new video, a sensational tribute to all women.

Inspiration behind the song

We live in a time where women are being abused and misused continually in society. We see a generation of women struggling with their identity, searching for genuine love and devalued. ⠀⠀

It is time for us to see their value and remind them of their integrity and importance to society. Moreover, we need to encourage them to rise up and display their strength and beauty.

Lyrics by Sean Sobers

WOMAN I see, I see great value in you
And if them nah ga see it
I want you to know that I do. Thought you couldn’t make it…
Yet your future look so farfetched
Abused and they robbed you,
Take away your innocence, take away your innocence
You lost your way now
And you lose your confidence
But your future shining brighter brighter every day
But I see blessings and greatness in you
Your beauty and virtue woman so pure
Don’t settle for less make the sky your limit This sacrifice you’re making
One day will pay.

Download this song here⠀⠀

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