Bex Grant Releases Reggae and Gospel Album | Eyes On The King

Released on the 15th August 2020 Eyes On The King, is simply an album created and built out of worship, praising God, prayer, 3 Chronicles-Studio fellowship, cups of tea, and real conversation.

This reggae gospel album is created with the intention to bring healing and deliverance to people physically, spiritually and mentally. Whilst bringing attention to Bex’s Caribbean heritage, and also giving God all the worship that he deserves.

Bex Grant

Inspiration behind the project

The love of God, Bro Kenny & Bro Stuart my spiritual and musical counsels. Mums singing, Dads record collection, recalling Dad playing reggae music whilst driving my brother Jesse and I to school, as children. Artists influences such as Chronixx, Bob Marley & The Wailers.

Love, rejection, pain, all of my mistakes, all of my achievements and this scripture here which says: ”Jesus said, ‘With God all things are possible”. (Matthew 19:26)

Who is Bex Grant?

Bex is a Gospel Singer and songwriter from London. Performing since the age of 5, it was inevitable Bex with her slight frame and enormous voice, she was destined to have a passion for music. Being around a Gospel singing Mum and music vinyl collecting Dad, she would be exposed to the kingdom of God and its beautiful harmonics.

Bex Grant

Being a proficient Soprano, soulful alto and harmonic tenor vocalist. Bex skilfully uses her soothing soulful range and tone to paint vivid and diverse stories in her songs, providing her audience with an exciting window into her consciousness, experiences whilst give her perspective on life.

Bex insists on remaining herself by going with her instincts and visual presentation. Bex plays a large part in the production, composition and arrangement of her songs. Working with producers in and out of the UK. So as to convey not only her love for God but to showcase her huge talent for songwriting, performing, and singing.

Projects at work and to follow this: TTM Collective, Cerose and Reece Frank

Production Credits:

Stuart Green (Producer and 3 Chronicles Studio CEO) | Kenny Mackay (Producer, Singer-songwriter)

Connect with Bex Grant

Purchase Eyes On the King

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