UGN Jamz Presenter Keziah Job releases debut Podcasts | Reggae Royalty Reflections

3yrs Presenting on UGN Jamz Radio

Gospel Reggae presenter Keziah Job, celebrated her third year as a UGN Radio presenter, on the 18th February 2021, with the release of her debut Podcasts “Reggae Royalty Reflections”.

Keziah shares bite-size spiritual truths on her show, accompanied by her signature “Reggae Royalty” themed music.

Podcast Trailer

Extracts taken from my Weekly Gospel Reggae Show “Reggae Royalty” where I reflect on God, whilst playing some of the coolest Gospel Reggae music from around the globe.”

Keziah’s Podcasts are another string to her bow, also being a Gospel Reggae Artist, and a co-producer at Hammond & Harmony Productions, alongside Producer Stuart Green.

Reggae Royalty Reflections can be heard on the following platforms.



Google Podcasts

Keziah Job’s YouTube Channel

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